Staying in Dublin
There are many options for places to stay in Dublin. Two of my favorite are the Avalon House on the southside and Dublin International Youth Hostel on the northside.

Review: Avalon House

Avalon HouseThe Avalon House is one of the most popular budget accommodations on the southside of Dublin—and there's good reason for that... Read full review>>

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Dublin Int'l Youth HostelDublin International Youth Hostel is part of the worldwide Youth Hostel Association. With 369 beds, I've never had a problem getting a bed. Dormitory style beds range from €15 – €19 depending on season.
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More Lodging Options:

Kinlay House – Independent hostel located in the heart of Temple Bar District. Make an online reservation via

Isaac's Hostel – Located just around the corner from the Dublin Bus Station north of the River Liffey. Make an online reservation via

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