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As is true with the rest of Ireland, the best thing about Dublin is it's people. Dublin itself has gone through a great transformation in the last 10 years.

Temple Bar DistrictParts of Dublin that used to be rundown and considered bad areas are now he most happening spots in Dublin. A prime example of this is Temple Bar District located just south of the River Liffey. The district is now bustling with restaurants and clubs. Artists, writers and musicians have flocked to Dublin from across Europe and beyond to take part in it's renaissance.

Dublin is divided in two by the River Liffey. It has created "the northside" and "the southside". Given that the Irish are a proud lot, there is a good deal of competition between the north and the south.

River Liffey

O'Connell StreetNorthside Dublin – For the traveler, some key spots in the northside of Dublin are O'Connell Street which is mainly on the northside, but does enter into the southside via the O'Connell Bridge across the Liffey. O'Connell Street is considered the "main drag" of the northside. There is the main post office on O'Connell Street as well as loads of shopping.

Still on the northside, there is the main bus station. If you arrive in Dublin via ferry you will most likely be bussed into the city centre and arrive at the main bus station. The bus station is located a few blocks east of O'Connell Street and just north of the River Liffey right near the Customs House.

Place to stay on the northside include the ever reliable Dublin International Youth Hostel and the independent Isaac's Hostel. Isaac's is especially great to stay at if you arrive at the bus station late at night and have no where to stay. It is just around the corner from the bus station.


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Southside Dublin – The southside of Dublin has plenty of restaurants, pubs and shopping. Many can be found in the Temple Bar District which runs along the Liffey.

Southside Entrance

A couple of popular budget accommodations in the southside are the Avalon House and the Kinlay House. Kinlay House is located near Christchurch Cathedral towards the east side of town. Avalon House is located in the middle of the southside and is a great place to stay.

One note about Dublin is they like to change the name of the street your on every few blocks. The street along the Liffey on the southside goes by easily eight different names - it changes just about every block.

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