Doolin is located on the west coast of Ireland south of Galway. Since Doolin is a rural town, there is no train access directly to Doolin. Arriving via car or bus are the best options to get directly to Doolin.

Irish Bus ServiceVia Bus Eireann
Aside from renting a car, Bus Eireann (the Irish Bus Service) is the best way to get to Doolin.

Bus Passes
If you plan using the bus for transportation between 3 or 4 cities, you can take advantage of the Irish Rover, Irish Rambler or Emerald Card passes. These travel passes offer a range of options from 3-day travel within 8 consecutive days to 15-day travel within 30 consecutive days. It's a great way to save yourself some money.

I've used the Irish Ramber 3-day pass. We traveled from Dublin to Donegal; Donegal to Doolin via Galway; and Doolin to Limerick.

Currently the price for a 3-day pass—traveling within consecutive 8 days—will run you €45 (about $42 USD).

Depending on were and when you are traveling, you might be able to save yourself some money. Check the National Fares (direct fares) between two cities and see what it will add up to. Then compare that with the bus passes.

> Detailed descriptions from Bus Eireann passes
> Check the current prices of Bus Eireann passes
> National Fares (direct fares) between two cities

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Via Train
The closest train station to Doolin is in Galway.

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Via Ferry

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